POLITIE – Kampioen van je wijk

Online campaign | Concept + Production

Agency: Steam
Client: Politie
Online, Multiple platforms


Online, multiple platforms


As part of their recruitment campaign, Police The Netherlands asked us to create a video series that activates the target group to apply for a job at the police. That also shows that being a policeman doesn’t mean you’re not in touch with the community in your area.


During our research we found out that sport, and especially soccer, creates a connection between the youth and the authorities. So we developed four portret video’s with different policemen. Ranging from community manager to chief agent. That we follow around while they play ball with the youth in their area. We let the officers talk about their experience and how sports play a big part in connecting with their community. And that you can really have an impact on a kid’s future by making this connection.

Activating the target-group that if they want to make an impact on their neighborhood they should apply at at!


Director: Joep Knevel
DP: Jeff Harmunanto
AC: Jalda Mina
Sound: Frame Waves
Cast: Kim Hittinger
Edit: David Engel