Mindspace – Welcome to Mindspace

Brand Video | Concept + Production

Client: Mindspace
Online, multiple platforms
Shot on 16 mm film


Mindspace asked us to produce an online campaign raising attention for their resent opening in Amsterdam. Having multiple branches spread throughout Europe, Mindspace is a well-known name in the co-working industry. Mindspace distinguishes itself from its competitors by focusing on work being more than just work. Their locations are styled in unique and modern fashion and there’s lots of focus on the group dynamics.


We wanted to connect the arrival of Mindspace in Amsterdam to the arrival of “the new way of working”. We therefore came up with a concept that first showed the viewer the old way of working, questioning its routines. Then we introduced the new way of working relating strongly to the mindset of the people currently working at Mindspace. “It doesn’t matter where you’re from, you decide where you go”.

Big part of the brief was to capture the soul of Amsterdam in the video. With the diversity in cast and the actions that took place in Mindspace (Dancing, drawing, yoga) we refer to the people of Amsterdam being know for their creativity and free minds.


Director: Danny Griffioen
Concept: Isabelle Griffioen
Producer: Jikke Meuwissen, Roland Punt, Joep Knevel

DOP: Ruben van Weelden
First AD: Ijen Mekers
First AC: Jeff Harmunanto

Art Director: Isabelle Griffioen & Suzanne van Heerde
Hair & Make-Up: Charlotte van Beusekom
Production Assistents: Tristan Kingdon, Caressa Essenberg, Mark Gussakov, Shanya Valies, Joysi Olijhoek
Set Photography: Joysi Olijhoek & Shanya Valies

Edit: Jeff Harmunanto
Grading: Rick Hospers
FilmLab: DeJonghe Film Postproduction

Audio: Huub Krom
Voice: Simon Titus

Autobedrijf Jan van Niesten
Paintersworld Uitgeest