Maha – Nike, Nature Club

Branded Content | Concept + Production

Agency: Maha
Client: Nike ACG
Online, Multiple platforms


Online, multiple platforms


Maha is one of the leading contemporary fashion boutiques for women of the Netherlands. So when they were asked by Nike ACG to reconnect with nature for the launch of their new collection, they organized a hike. A hike through the beautiful Dutch landscape with a community of like-minded women. Seeing the importance of this message and promoting the new collection. Maha asked us to come up with a video concept which links Nike ACG to reconnecting to nature while addressing their female target audience.


Reconnecting to nature can be quite personal. But that’s the beauty of it. That’s why we came up where we record personal testimonials about reconnecting to nature. This made the video inspiring but still real. By switching up the footage with detail shots of the Nike ACG wear, the new collection stayed at the forefront of the attention. We chose a filming and editing style that fits the contemporary fashion style of Maha as well as the technical and functional identity of Nike ACG.


Director: Joep Knevel
DP: Tjerc Jacob Muilwijk
AC: Jeff Harmunanto
AD: Marijn Wouters
Edit: David Engel
Grading: Jeff Harmunanto
Producer: Charmaé Pattipeilohij

Cast: Jewaria Gazaele Luu
Alyssa Neilson
Hollie Mercedes
Maha Nature Club

Location: Edwin Flores